Our Services

RBP Investment Advisors Inc. (RBPIA) is an independent SEC-registered investment advisory firm providing financial advice, comprehensive financial planning, and asset management services for individuals and retirement plans.

Portfolio Management

We design your investment portfolio only after we have a complete understanding of your unique situation. This includes analyzing your current financial situation, identifying and quantifying your investment goals, measuring your risk tolerance and incorporating your financial constraints. We provide you with a written Investment Policy Statement detailing your investment goals and our mutually agreed upon approach to achieving them. RBPIA has no model portfolios or asset allocations. Each client portfolio and asset allocation is unique, incorporating your existing assets and tax situation. We provide quarterly portfolio performance reporting and annual tax reporting.

Retirement Distribution Planning

This is an invaluable service to those about to retire with pension plans or other retirement plan assets including 401(k), 457 or 403(b) retirement plans. We help you develop an ideal retirement living expense projection, then model it against your sources of income and assets to determine its long-term viability. “What-if” scenarios are prepared to model a variety of different asset allocations and economic conditions. Complex estate and income tax rules are examined to determine how best to withdraw your funds. Beneficiary designation and trusts are considered to protect your funds from taxation.

Estate Planning

The objectives of an estate plan can have an enormous influence on your current planning and investment strategies. Often this planning results in a reorganization of your assets to match the values that have governed your behavior and relationships for a lifetime. The use of trusts and charitable gifts is considered to meet your social objectives and to reduce your tax liability.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

The purpose of comprehensive financial planning is to develop a complete financial strategy which incorporates all of your financial goals. This is a living document that must be reviewed and updated regularly. It may deal with issues that include insurance, education funding, estate and tax planning, investment planning and more. Often, the plan is done in modules. This is not a process that is done to you but with you, requiring a commitment in terms of time and resources by all parties involved.